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The Law Office of Katherine Saunders, PLC provides legal services and counsel in the areas of estate planning, business and corporate law, probate, adult guardianship and special needs trusts. The focus of the law firm is personal attention to the business and family needs of clients.

What Clients Can Expect

  • Experience and Knowledge
    Katherine Saunders combines a law degree (J.D.) with a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.). She has practiced estate planning, corporate and business law and probate law for more than 15 years.
  • Wealth Protection and Preservation
    Attention to potential financial risk facing clients by intelligently designed legal planning protects against the unnecessary loss of accumulated assets.
  • Excellent and Timely Problem Solving
    Creative approaches yield desired solutions in difficult arenas.
  • Familiarity with Current Legislation and Legal Issues
    The law is constantly developing and its application to client requisites changes over time.
  • Attention to Diverse Needs
    Familiarity with all issues that arise with one client facilitates an understanding of each separate problem.
  • Administration of Business Assets to Meet Unique Circumstances
    Each business entity presents a dynamic set of individuals with differing needs, challenges and motives. Attention to these issues and addressing succession planning and buy/sell scenarios creates a chance to meet every need, challenge and motive of each member with creative problem solving.
  • Administration of Family Assets to Meet Unique Circumstances
    Each family presents a dynamic set of individuals with differing needs, challenges and motives. Attention to personal issues
    creates a chance to meet every family member’s needs, challenges and motives with creative problem solving.
  • Association with Other Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance Brokers and Financial Managers
    An association with experts in various legal and non-legal areas helps identify and address all of the components in the package of a client’s needs.
  • Protecting and Upholding Dignity
    Because presently defining how a person wants to live during a time when choices are not available or are limited due to incapacity or other circumstances helps assure that the desired results will occur.
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